Friday, March 23, 2012

New Diagnosis

Well, yesterday (March 22, 2012) I ended up going to my Rheumatologist again. He ran tests to find out if my pain was from inflammation... and since it wasn't I apparently have Fibromyalgia.

This was a pretty awful thing to find out... not because it's just not a fun disease but because my boyfriends mother has it as well. He watched her suffer from it for years and knowing I could get as bad (or worse) than she did is pretty hard on him. I'm optimistic the medicine my doctor prescribed will help me. Apparently cymbalta (that anti-depressant medicine) is also used to help block nerve transmissions that fibromyalgia patients have. It's not "true" pain as in there is no inflammation linked to it... it's just like your brain is sending out all of these signals saying,"Hey, you're in pain." even if there is no real cause of it. This sounds accurate to what I've been dealing with but knowing boyfriends mom had it made me really not want this diagnosis... but it is what it is.

So... just thought I'd give a small update. I'm not going to rant much because this is just the beginning. I hope to come back soon enough saying,"HEY! THE MEDICINE IS WORKING AND I JUST POSTED TWELVE NEW TUTORIALS THIS WEEK!" but I'm probably dreaming.

One day at a time.

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  1. I hope to see more of your tutorials and you'd find some relief from the medicines they prescribe you. I can't imagine living in constant physical pain. I can imagine it taking such a mental toll though! >< Much love!