Thursday, March 28, 2013

For the past week or so I've been laying around feeling groggy and sore. Had another MRI for my pituitary last week and then an ultrasound for my thyroid two days ago. Not sure of the results yet but I should find out next visit to the Endocrinologist... so that is about three months I believe.

EXCITING NEWS! I finally was able to concentrate enough to make a video AND edit it all (both parts) so I'm happy about that. I always feel like I'm never doing enough when it comes to videos... even now when I'm making them fairly regularly. I guess I'm just trying to push myself more than I really have to in fear that if I don't push a bit I'll end up going a week or more without posting again. I hated myself a bit more each day that went by knowing I should have tried to do -something- even if it was off camera. I guess I feel selfish crafting on my own these days when I know how excited everyone gets when I share things. lol.

So overall not much is going on other than that... though one pretty epic thing happened. Those of you here follow me on youtube most likely so you already know about my little "spat" with someone who commented the other day. If you don't it sort of went like this:

THEM: good video but you talk too slow and have fat hands

ME: I'm sick, grasping words is difficult so I talk slower. Fat hands, I have an illness for that as well. Thanks.

THEM: Should have had someone else make the video for you then. (other stuff was said as well but that didn't matter to me)

ME: uwehrouh4touh3oigubhokvnowhjrgeihj-youtube rant-4hehef

Never in my life... Never. I face-palmed so hard my forehead still burns.

"You suck... but your ideas are great! OHOH! I KNOW! Get someone to do them for you while you lay back and continue to be the slow talking, fat handed vegetable that you really are."