Saturday, May 12, 2012

Finally had the concentration to re-do my Youtube Channel banner.

I worked for hours on it and made the background up myself... overall I really like it. I think it's much better organized and consists of more crisp/clear images- ever since I got Gimp (free program like photoshop) my editing skills have been pretty pimped out so it's working well with the new camera which takes awesome quality photographs.

Anyway- enough boasting about my awesome skillz... I really hope you guys like the new banner- I think it will help direct you to where you want to be much more quickly and efficiently which is always a good thing.
As for what this blog is truly about... I'm still feeling a bit off but I'm getting a new CPAP mask soon so I can finally sleep again. Being sick/hurting hasn't been an issue lately since my new medicine for the fibromyalgia... now all I really need is a few good nights of sleep and I should be ready to do a lot more videos and activities. I'm actually pretty excited and optimistic. ^_^