Thursday, October 11, 2012

Random Update...

Well, I've been MIA on this blog so I figured I'd do a small update for the handful of those who actually read this one-

BACKSTORY: I've been feeling awful ever since a week or so ago right around the end of the last contest I hosted. I had my boyfriend help me with the picking since I couldn't sit at the computer for very long to actually watch all of the videos in depth and give them the attention they deserved so he looked for the winner(s) this time around. Usually he helps me choose but this time I left it up to him and then approved at the end.

This was an okay decision by me, after all, my subscribers understand I am sick and sometimes need to step back and take care of myself- most of them understand this anyway. I regret to say that I was tag teamed by two of the most unsympathetic people who were not only just in cahoots with one another but were also family. Now, I'm all for being supportive of your family but not at the cost of harassing someone who had done nothing to them.

So my boyfriend went through the contest and chose the people who had the best entries. I went over with him watching as much as I could while laying across the room on the couch just to make sure nothing was being missed and approved of the decisions. (Hell, Even when I had the lumbar puncture and couldn't sit up right I had him help me. Anyone who remembers that far back may recall that I laid down on the floor beside the computer as he read comment/questions to me and typed back my answers since I couldn't sit up right. He helps me out- it's just how it is.)

Fast forward to the winner announcement which I wrote out silently since I was feeling too sick to actually put on a happy face and talk- It just so happened the best craft entrant was also sick and announced that little tidbit in her video... so wouldn't you know that the mother daughter tag team accused me of playing on sympathies and picking the winner based off of "a cough and a sneeze" and such. The mother then went on a tangent to say clearly her daughter had the best entry and should have won the contest.


That's all I can say on that matter.


As for me  I have been trying my hardest to get my "new" art room done. My birthday is in about a week and I'm really hoping to have my furniture in there by then. I know it won't be decorated with all of my quirky touches but if I can at least have it functional enough for filming and getting back to my videos that would be good enough for me. It seems the more I work in there the worse I feel which is of course the curse of fibromyalgia- which is impacted by the curse of me which is that I'm stubborn and won't let a little pain get me down...

Even if it's like I got hit by a mack truck and the driver swore he saw a twenty dollar bill on the side of the road and backed up to check just to realize it was only his imagination and then kept on going never realizing it was the third time he ran me over kind of pain.

Happy Birthday to me.